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10/09/2015 – The Next ‘Somewhat Damaged’ event is now up!


SOMEWHAT DAMAGED: A night of LOUD alternative noise from the underground curated by Black Sixteen.

After six successful events with a packed out venue and an amazing party atmosphere, we’re back at The Unicorn in Camden Town on Friday the 16th of October, and this time we’ll be hosting an exclusive single release party by Terminal Gods.

Featuring sets from

Terminal Gods (Onstage 10.15pm – 10.45pm):

Backed by a rack of drum-machine hardware and armed with an arsenal of frantically overdriven pop songs, Terminal Gods stand in a smoke shrouded musical no man’s land. Finding themselves halfway between the uncompromising, raucous hard rock of the 70s, and the cold, new wave beats of 80s, Terminal Gods are a fearsome live band with something to say. Like desperate outlaws facing down an angry mob.

Black Sixteen (Onstage 9.30pm – 10.00pm):

Your hosts for the night are a London based Dark Grunge band with a dynamic and emotionally charged sound, a bitter tongued pill that burns on the way down. Black Sixteen are cathartic and intense live performers with a heart of darkness. The electric soundtrack to a twilight where black dreams turn to lustrous nightmares.

Mystified (Onstage 8.45pm – 9.15pm):

Mystified are a fresh and daringly unique rock band with a strong voice. This energetic and unique 3-piece outfit speaks with an incendiary sound that is both modern and primitive, electrically soulful and powerfully moving. Their wildly energetic live performances make every performance memorable and not to be missed.

You The Living (Onstage 8pm – 8.30pm):

Ingenious and contrary, You The Living’s sound is built on a foundation of opposites and inversion. A cavernous wash of pitch-shifted guitar, icy synths and ghostly, androgynous, half-whispered harmonies collide with clanking, distorted 808 beats and sonic battering rams of fuzz. Rather than being a contrast of sonic beauty and ugliness, You The Living combine these extremes in blissful, yet violent soundscapes.

PLUS we’ll have a special guest DJ set from A NEW DUSK DJ’s showcasing some of the best in modern alternative music throughout the night. Whenever the live bands aren’t playing, they will bring the noise!

The Unicorn Camden Live
227 Camden Road, London, NW1 9AA

Friday 16th October 2015


About Black Sixteen

Black Sixteen are a London based rock band. Their eponymous self-produced debut EP was released in early 2012. Frontman Amir Khan, drummer Matt Burn and bassist Alex Brock performed live in London and around the UK with keyboardist Laura Sepp before her departure in late 2013. Moving forward as a three-piece with a harder stripped down sound; their early style of delicately heavy rock has evolved into a venomous form of dark grunge noise, a bitter tongued pill that burns on the way down. Black Sixteen are currently recording their second release for 2014. Follow the links below to connect online and keep updated about upcoming gigs and new material.

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