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10/06/15 – What a show!!

‘Somewhat Damaged’ is going from strength to strength, it takes longer every time to recover each time, positive vibes and good clean (dirty) fun was flowing amongst all those lucky fuckers who attended SD#5 on Saturday.

Our good friends Let Demons Run blew the roof off The Unicorn with their opening set, their tight technical hardcore prowess and contagious Dillinger-esque energy got the night off to a bang… We love you guys, and if you’re not headlining bigger shows in the near future then something is very wrong, we salute you all!

The boys from Obe followed next amidst a sea of fx pedals, their set was awash with layers of noise, beauty and some of the most righteous rockstar poses we’ve ever witnessed…. Check these guys out next time they play near you, you won’t be disappointed!

After a heavy rehearsal schedule for the past couple of months, our own set felt like that final euphoric release after endless pumping, we loved playing this show and are proud to have some of it captured of film by Nick from Burning Picks Photography, check out our cover of ‘Tame’ by Pixies below for a little taster.

The Hyena Kill trekked all the way down from Manchester to destroy the ears of London during their headline set… A recent trend in two piece bands sees these guys sitting high up on the pile, so much noise and passion from just two instruments is a joy to witness. AND they generated our first SD crowd-surfing sesh… legends!!

Big shout outs also go to Alice Rain from Maleficent and Drilling Spree for keeping the noiseflowing between and after the bands… cheers dude for keeping it LOUD.

We’ll be back soon with SD#6, watch this space for line-up announcements, and if your band fancies playing our night in the future, get in touch!


Matt, Amir, Chris & Warren @ B16 x

PS. Join the official ‘Somewhat Damaged’ group here to keep up to date with future events:


About Black Sixteen

Black Sixteen are a London based rock band. Their eponymous self-produced debut EP was released in early 2012. Frontman Amir Khan, drummer Matt Burn and bassist Alex Brock performed live in London and around the UK with keyboardist Laura Sepp before her departure in late 2013. Moving forward as a three-piece with a harder stripped down sound; their early style of delicately heavy rock has evolved into a venomous form of dark grunge noise, a bitter tongued pill that burns on the way down. Black Sixteen are currently recording their second release for 2014. Follow the links below to connect online and keep updated about upcoming gigs and new material.

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