01/10/2015 – Drown your sorrows in this.

Thanks so much to Nick Wilkinson for this footage of our new track ‘Drown’, filmed at Camden Barfly on Monday night during our set supporting Cypher16 and New Device, just after RSJ ripped the place apart!

We had an epic night of messy proportions during (and definitely after) the show, much love to everyone who came down on a schoolnight and got down and dirty with us, we love you all long time.

NEXT STOP: The next installment of our night ‘Somewhat Damaged’ at The Unicorn Camden Live with Terminal Gods launching their new single, and support sets from the incredible Mystified and You The Living in a couple of weeks… it’s gonna be HUGE.

10/09/2015 – The Next ‘Somewhat Damaged’ event is now up!


SOMEWHAT DAMAGED: A night of LOUD alternative noise from the underground curated by Black Sixteen.

After six successful events with a packed out venue and an amazing party atmosphere, we’re back at The Unicorn in Camden Town on Friday the 16th of October, and this time we’ll be hosting an exclusive single release party by Terminal Gods.

Featuring sets from

Terminal Gods (Onstage 10.15pm – 10.45pm):

Backed by a rack of drum-machine hardware and armed with an arsenal of frantically overdriven pop songs, Terminal Gods stand in a smoke shrouded musical no man’s land. Finding themselves halfway between the uncompromising, raucous hard rock of the 70s, and the cold, new wave beats of 80s, Terminal Gods are a fearsome live band with something to say. Like desperate outlaws facing down an angry mob.


Black Sixteen (Onstage 9.30pm – 10.00pm):

Your hosts for the night are a London based Dark Grunge band with a dynamic and emotionally charged sound, a bitter tongued pill that burns on the way down. Black Sixteen are cathartic and intense live performers with a heart of darkness. The electric soundtrack to a twilight where black dreams turn to lustrous nightmares.


Mystified (Onstage 8.45pm – 9.15pm):

Mystified are a fresh and daringly unique rock band with a strong voice. This energetic and unique 3-piece outfit speaks with an incendiary sound that is both modern and primitive, electrically soulful and powerfully moving. Their wildly energetic live performances make every performance memorable and not to be missed.


You The Living (Onstage 8pm – 8.30pm):

Ingenious and contrary, You The Living’s sound is built on a foundation of opposites and inversion. A cavernous wash of pitch-shifted guitar, icy synths and ghostly, androgynous, half-whispered harmonies collide with clanking, distorted 808 beats and sonic battering rams of fuzz. Rather than being a contrast of sonic beauty and ugliness, You The Living combine these extremes in blissful, yet violent soundscapes.


PLUS we’ll have a special guest DJ set from A NEW DUSK DJ’s showcasing some of the best in modern alternative music throughout the night. Whenever the live bands aren’t playing, they will bring the noise!

The Unicorn Camden Live
227 Camden Road, London, NW1 9AA

Friday 16th October 2015


17/08/2015 – Sweatyness


Big sweaty squeezes and love to all those who came down to The Unicorn Camden Live on Saturday for our latest instalment of SOMEWHAT DAMAGED.

Dedwardians, Petrol Girls and Rat Face Lewey provided the perfect support slots for our hectic noise-mess, it was a pleasure to play alongside you all and we hope to cross stages again sometime soon.

Big love to all our crew who came down and partied with us into the wee hours, we love you long time.

Next stop: Camden Barfly on September 28th!

11/08/2015 – Next show THIS SATURDAY!

The next ‘Somewhat Damaged‘ night is Saturday August 15th, we’ll be playing alongside three amazing bands, looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces there x

More info below, click HERE or on the flyer to find the official Facebook event


SOMEWHAT DAMAGED: A night of LOUD alternative noise from the underground curated by Black Sixteen.

After five successful events with a packed out venue and an amazing party atmosphere, we’re back at The Unicorn in Camden Town on Saturday the 15th of August for more..

Featuring sets from:

Black Sixteen (Onstage 10.15pm – 10.45pm):
Your hosts for the night are a London based Dark Grunge rock band. The band was formed by noisewriter Amir Kat and drummer Matt Burn, who initially performed around London as a four piece including keyboards before stripping the unit down for a condensed, dynamic and emotionally charged sound, a bitter tongued pill that burns on the way down. Destroy something beautiful, preferably yourself.


Dedwardians (Onstage 9.30pm – 10.00pm):

Forming in London off the back of their combined interested in both 50s rock n roll and low-fi garage punk, Dedwardians have been taking the city’s live music circuit by storm with their powerful, over-driven sound and energetic live shows. Not afraid of the anthemic chorus, they’re breathing life into a genre long in need of some new blood.


Petrol Girls (Onstage 8.45pm – 9.15pm):

Petrol Girls are a feminist post-hardcore band based in South East London. Their music combines manic jagged rhythms with vocals that range from furious screaming to intricate melodies and harmonies. They are known for their explosive live performances, with influences such as: Refused, White Lung, Bikini Kill, RVIVR, Propagandhi, At The Drive In and War On Women.


Rat Face Lewey (Onstage 8pm – 8.30pm):

An alternative Rock/Grunge band from London, RFL challenge the apathetic mainstream music production line, and endeavour to offer an alternative. “Music is our life blood” is the statement on their Twitter account, and in regards to their live set this proclamation is certainly justified. RFL believe in their music, they are a band with passion, raw energy and ambition. Visit the gig section and be part of the experience.


PLUS we’ll have a special guest DJ set showcasing some of the best in alternative music by the Irregular Joe throughout the night. Whenever the live bands aren’t playing, he will bring the noise!

The Unicorn Camden Live
227 Camden Road, London, NW1 9AA

Saturday 15th August 2015

10/06/15 – What a show!!

‘Somewhat Damaged’ is going from strength to strength, it takes longer every time to recover each time, positive vibes and good clean (dirty) fun was flowing amongst all those lucky fuckers who attended SD#5 on Saturday.

Our good friends Let Demons Run blew the roof off The Unicorn with their opening set, their tight technical hardcore prowess and contagious Dillinger-esque energy got the night off to a bang… We love you guys, and if you’re not headlining bigger shows in the near future then something is very wrong, we salute you all!

The boys from Obe followed next amidst a sea of fx pedals, their set was awash with layers of noise, beauty and some of the most righteous rockstar poses we’ve ever witnessed…. Check these guys out next time they play near you, you won’t be disappointed!

After a heavy rehearsal schedule for the past couple of months, our own set felt like that final euphoric release after endless pumping, we loved playing this show and are proud to have some of it captured of film by Nick from Burning Picks Photography, check out our cover of ‘Tame’ by Pixies below for a little taster.

The Hyena Kill trekked all the way down from Manchester to destroy the ears of London during their headline set… A recent trend in two piece bands sees these guys sitting high up on the pile, so much noise and passion from just two instruments is a joy to witness. AND they generated our first SD crowd-surfing sesh… legends!!

Big shout outs also go to Alice Rain from Maleficent and Drilling Spree for keeping the noiseflowing between and after the bands… cheers dude for keeping it LOUD.

We’ll be back soon with SD#6, watch this space for line-up announcements, and if your band fancies playing our night in the future, get in touch!


Matt, Amir, Chris & Warren @ B16 x

PS. Join the official ‘Somewhat Damaged’ group here to keep up to date with future events:




Saturday night was IMMENSE, our busiest night so far at Somewhat Damaged #4 at The Unicorn Camden Live – we’d like to extend our collective arms and squeeze a big hug out to everyone involved in the night… bands & gig-goers alike – you all fucking RULE!

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion absolutely smashed their headline slot, coming down from Bristol and bringing a large amount of noise with them, from the moment they soundchecked, we knew this was gonna hurt, in the best possible way, big respect dudes!

Death Koolaid similarly destroyed the stage during their support slot, we’re proud to have them as part of our night, love you noisy weirdos long time smile emoticon

Thanks also to Spider Redundant for pulling out a sick opening set after our original openers withdrew at the last minute!

The Stereo Juggernaut lads played a whole bunch of noise between and after the bands – cheers you sexy bastards.

And finally every single one of you who came down to support our night… we love you all – MUCHAS GRACIAS xx

Black Sixteen are off into the studio to record our next record… we will be back in your face and ears soon!

Matt, Amir, Chris & Warren @ B16HQ x